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JOIN tour ฿ 1,200 ฿ 1,200

Child : less than 6years and less than 120cm) Infant (0-2years) : free



‘Cook at Farm’ offers only full day course. Just 20 mins from the city. On the located 1.6 acres, there are more than 20 typs of plants and you can see the local life style with the New Theory of Agriculture, Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy from His Majesty the King - it serves as a set of principles or guidelines on the proper management benefitfor farmers who own a small piece of land. If you like to touch more nature, I think farm class would be nice for you.
You will proud of your food because you will know where is the vegetables come from in an organinc way. (9 a.m. - arrive the city 4.30 p.m.) 


Cooking is considered an art-form by many people. If you're looking for a place to learn about Thai food and Chiang Mai culture, Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School is one of your choices.

Welcome to Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai. Although there are a multiple Thai cooking schools in Chiang Mai,Thailand. Asia Scenic Thai Cooking is more than just a school, it’s rather an extension of a home and an opportunity to share Thai cooking and culture. We also offer innovative concepts and service at a competitive price. Asia Scenic Thai cooking school does not just teach you to follow the teacher or the cookbook but teach you how to be creative and understand the basic of cooking Thai food. What you love most is that they do not have a fix menu for you. You cook what you wish to cook. Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai is not just a cooking school where you simply cook, eat and leave. Once you participate in the process, you realize that you are learning the traditional life style, learning how to grow vegetables and herbs, as well as the various traditional performing arts. The Thai school is located only a few minutes walk from Tha Pae Gate in the old city of Chiang Mai.

What makes Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School superior to other cooking schools: our flair for the artistry of Thai cooking paired with exquisite attention to Thai culture’s captivating details.

  • Created and cared for by a true Thai family.
  • Tasting herbs from our very own garden.
  • Experienced and authentic teachers ; all Thai people can cook but not all Thai people can teach you how to cook.
  • Cook book that comes with the courses has been written by Gayray. All details and pictures step by step that make easier when you are cooking alone at your own home.
  • We are travelers, we understand what other travelers want and we can share our authentic experiences
  • free uploaded web diary of your cooking experiences!

Thai cooking varies from chef to chef and I'm proud of my varies of these classic dishes


Course includes

  • Visiting and tasting some herbs in an organic organic farm.
  • Cookbook, Market tour.
  • Show how to cook sticky rice.
  • Welcome snack or fruit in season.
  • One person one wok.
  • Web photo album.
  • Free transportation within 3 Km. radius from Chiang Mai downtown.

Know Before You Book 

Tour type:  Join tour / no minimum person requirments

Duration : 09:00 am – 3:00 pm

          Pick up time 8.20 am .- 8.50 am. Arrive the city 4.30 p.m.

Operated by:  Asia Scenic Thai Cooking school


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