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JF1 ฿ 2,200 ฿ 2,200
JF2 ฿ 2,300 ฿ 2,300
JF3 ฿ 2,500 ฿ 2,500

Child : less than 6years and less than 120cm) Infant (0-2years) : free



Course – Course map



1. JF 1 - Eco Zipline Adventure Jungle Flight Zipline 40 platforms 
: 40 Platforms, 22 Ziplines, Longest Zipline 400m,300m,250m, 3 Abseils 20m,25m,40m,
   3 Sky Bridges, 1 Net Walking, 1 Spiral Staircase, 2 Panoramic Views

2. JF 2 - Extreme Rainforest Zipline Adventure Jungle Flight Zipline 50 platforms + Longest Zipline 1,000 meters 
: 34 Platforms, 22 Ziplines, Longest Zipline 1000m,400m,300m,250m, 1 Abseils 25m,
3 Sky Bridges, 1 Spiral Staircase


3. JF3 - The Ultimate X-Extreme Rainforest Zipline Adventure Jungle Flight Zipline 39 platforms +
  Longest Zipline 1,000 meters + Zipline Roller Coaster 1,100 meters 
 : 39 Platforms, 19 Ziplines, Longest Zipline 1000m,400m,300m,250m, Zipline RollerCoaster 1,100m,
1 Abseils 40m, 2 Sky Bridges, 1 Spiral Staircase, 5 Minutes Nature Walk, 2 Panoramic Views



The World’s Longest Zipline Rollercoaster

Choose your unforgettable Lifetime experience !

Come and try the world’s longest jungle zipline rollercoaster set deep in the heart of the beautiful Thai rainforest! Experience the canopy as you twist, swoop and spiral in an exhilarating ride. Suspended from the trees, our ingenious system of cables allows the trees to grow naturally while upholding the highest standards of safety, with highly trained guides, and world-class equipment. On our exciting rollercoaster you will cover 1,100 meters in 4 minutes, whirling through slalom turns, drops and a 360° turn, zig zagging through the trees at thrilling speeds. Join us for a unique ride through the trees!

Situated in lush, mountain rainforest just an hour drive from Chiangmai, Jungle Flight’s eco-adventure is a truly unforgettable experience, discover breaktaking views and adrenaline pumping excitement, as your flying through the treetops.


Highlights & Features

  • Fly inside the 1,500 year-old tropical rainforest teaming with life – the sights and sounds of wild Thailand !
  • Experience the serenity of Thailand’s jungles up-close while sailing on ziplines between platforms built on centuries-old Yang trees (Dipterocarpus genus), the guardians of the forest.
  • A combination of Ziplines, abseiling, sky bridges and net walking with Panoramic Views
  • The Ultimate X-Extreme Rainforest Zipline Adventure Jungle Flight Zipline 39 platforms + Longest Zipline 1,000 meters + Zipline Roller Coaster 1,100 meters  Panoramic Views in JF3 Programm.


: V.I.P Transportation, Souvenir Jungle Flight T-Shirt, Buffet Lunch , Tea , Coffee , Water, First Aid insurance


Know Before You Book 

Pick up time  
: 06.30-07.00 am. / 08.00-08.30 am. / 09.00-09.30 am. / 12.30-13.00 pm.       
  * * All pick-up times for every location are approximate, depend on traffic and we also pick-up other guests.

What to bring:  Camera, Sunscreen, Insect repellent.
* From November to March it is a little cold in Chiang Mai in the mornings, so please bring something to keep yourself warm until the day heats up. From May to October it is the rainy season in Thailand so please bring a raincoat and/or a change of clothes.

What to wear : loose fitting clothes & outdoor shoes

Who can do 

: Recommended for ages 4 years and up to 65years or Older for Active Adults.
Zipline passengers must be at least 120cm tall, weight must not be over 120 kg.
: JF1 players - 4-80 years old in good health,  JF2 & 3 players - 15-60 years old in good health

Duration : 7 hours from pick-up to drop off including approximately 3 hours of Ziplining

Type :  Join tour

Operated by :  Jungleflight



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